Medical Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. med. Feldhaus, Simon

Chief physician of Paramed and president of SSAAMP

Prof. Dr. sc. Med. Gruber, Urs

Medical scientist, lecturer and co-head of the Swiss Campus of the DTMD

Prof. Dr. Petschner, Thomas

Health scientist, physician, preventologist, clowndoctor

Prof. Dr. Schröder, Hartmut

Author, coach, consultant and lecturer for integral health promotion and therapeutic communication

Prof. Dr. Dr. phil. Walach, Harald

Dr. of Psychology and Philosophy

Dr. med. Wiechel, Petra

Medical Director of the Swissmountainclinic and Chief Physician of the Center for Complementary Medicine al Ronc

Prof. Dr. Wienecke, Elmar

Scientific Director Micronutrients FMH Bielefeld