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Bio Terrain Analysis

What do blood, saliva and urine tell us? The Bio Terrain Analysis (BTA test) provides valuable data on the biochemical mix and physiological state of the body using these bodily fluids. Plus, it gives insights on the immune, digestive and biological systems of patients.

The human organism consists of about 100 trillion cells, and each is surrounded by an extracellular environment / milieu. This cell-milieu system is the basic morphological and functional evolutionary unit of life. The cell de facto does not exist without the environment in which it originated.

It is vital to optimally supply and dispose of the connective tissue cells in the cell-milieu system. From a holistic point of view, the cell-milieu system and the state of the three elementary functional groups (i.e. blood, saliva and urine) are indicators and contributors to the development of chronic and chronic degenerative illnesses.

What you can expect from Bio Terrain Analysis?

The analyses of the extracellular fluids through the bio terrain analysis (BTA test) can determine the physico-chemical and electrochemical characteristics such as the pH level (measure of the basic or acid character of a solution), rH value (redox potential) and R value (electrical resistance). Certain changes – be it of individual or interrelated parameters – are typical environmental conditions of specific illnesses.

With the biological terrain assessment, we evaluate the blood that represents the fundamental regulation in connection with the immune system. To receive valuable information about the digestive system, we analyze the saliva, which reveals the environment of the food intake. The excretory environment is examined though the first and second morning urine, which shows the biological system of the kidneys.

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Bio terrain analysis

Dr. med. Petra Wiechel, lead Physician at the clinic, speaks about the process of the bio terrain analysis. This method is used to help us better understand patients and their situation.