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Phoenix Program

To solve any health concern, we must first strengthen the body so it can function properly and fight off disease. We provide a fully-customized 21-day plan with diagnostics and therapies to give you answers, strengthen your body and redirect you on a path of living a healthier life!

At our clinic, we understand that every patient is unique, with a different set of challenges and medical requirements. For this reason, our focus is not on symptoms alone, but the body as a whole.

We believe that, in order to solve any health concern, we must first strengthen the body and all of its systems, so it can function properly to fight off disease and infection on its own, the way nature intended.

During the 21-Day Individual Treatment Program, you will first receive a set of tests and analyses, to determine the cause of your symptoms and target your specific medical needs using a holistic approach.

Using our knowledge of biological medicine, we have come to realize that developing a treatment plan can only be accomplished if the cause for a certain disease is known.

Disease development is a dynamic process, and every person has different requirements to withstand the burdens of life. Therefore, the needs of all our patients are different. For this reason, we place a high priority on diagnosis during the treatment process.

Following this analysis, our team of medical experts will design an individualized program of medical treatments and therapies, designed specifically for you, with your individual needs in mind. During these three weeks, we give you answers, strengthen your body, and guide you towards a healthier path to improve your health and live a better and healthy life!

Phoenix Program

From CHF 16,150

  • incl. 21 nights in a double room, price per person with full board
  • incl. 21 days diagnosis and therapy program
  • incl. infrared sauna, fitness room, swinging field cabin, training equipment, billiard room
  • Free transfer from / to Bellinzona *


Add-on Autoimmune CHF 4,995
Add-on Immune-Power CHF 5,450
Add-on INUSpheresis® CHF 6,495

Single Room Surcharge CHF 1,575

* Arrival / departure every Sunday

Clinic Transfer Bus Departure Times

  • 11:15 Departure Castaneda, Swiss Mountain Clinic
  • 12:15 Departure Bellinzona, Train Station
  • 15:15 Departure Castaneda, Swiss Mountain Clinic
  • 16:15 Departure Bellinzona, Train Station


  • 1 x Medical History Questionnaire
  • 6 x Doctor’s appointments / consultations


  • 1 x Darkfield Microscopy / Live Blood Analysis
  • 1 x Bio Terrain Analysis – BTA Examination
  • 1 x Iridology
  • 1 x Lüscher-Color-Diagnostic®
  • 1 x Oligoscan / Heavy Metals, Minerals and Vitamins
  • 1 x Thermography
  • 1 x Analysis of the Vegetative Nervous System (VNS Analysis)
  • 1 x Dental Diagonstics OPT
  • 1 x Laboratory
  • 1 x Parasite Checkup


  • 1 x Parasite Detox (10 x Frequency Therapy)
  • 18 x Biophoton Therapy
  • 3 x Colon Hydrotherapy
  • 36 x Bemer (Physical Vascular Therapy)
  • 9 x Infusions
  • 9 x Oxyven (Intravenous Oxygen Therapy)
  • 3 x Mytoenergy
  • 6 x Continuous Shower. Therapy
  • 3 x Massage 30 Minutes
  • 3 x Enema
  • 6 x Matrix Regeneration Therapy
  • 6 x Vital Wave 90 Min.
  • 3 x Foot Massage