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Health Check Week

When was the last time you had a health check that went further than blood work? During our holistic program, we look at your detoxification and regulatory systems, autonomic nervous system and more to understand what is going on and help you gain optimal long-term health.

Holistic Health Check Intensive Week

How long has it been since you have had your last health check? What is a holistic health check or did you merely run through lab results produced by traditional medicine? Make use of the opportunity to have your health analyzed in detail at the Swiss Mountain Clinic.

Take your time for your health: Over the course of one week you will benefit from experienced, holistic-minded doctors and therapists. With the help of individual tests, they examine important detoxification and regulatory systems, diagnose individual deficiencies using laboratory techniques, and analyze your autonomic nervous system's ability to regulate itself. Only bodies that "regulate well, work well." Your colon's microbial balance, its enzymatic activity and latent, sometimes asymptomatic, propensity to infection are examined by means of a comprehensive stool analysis. The performance of the intestinal immune system (of the gut) is analyzed.

The health check includes biological diagnostic procedures, such as CRT (computeraided regulatory diagnostics), BTA (bio terrain analysis) or dark field microscopy (live blood analysis). It also includes iris diagnostics and energetic meridian diagnostics. A health check at the Swiss Mountain Clinic gives you a comprehensive and, above all, a personalized view of your health.

Yours truly, Dr. med. Petra Wiechel and the Swiss Mountain Clinic Team.

The Intensive Health Check Week includes the following medical services:


  • 1 x Medical History Questionnaire
  • 2 x Doctor's conversations



  • 1 x Colon Hydron Therapy
  • 2 x Haematogenic Oxidation Therapy (HOT)