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Coffee Enema

As part of its internal detoxification our body tries every day to properly dispose of the mul- titude of metabolic end products. The intes- tines, kidneys, lungs and skin are available for this purpose. They are supported by the liver and the lymphatic system. Like in an orchestra, smooth inter- action is required.

A vital process

The intestines play a central role here. During the enema via the anus, a quantity of approx. 500 ml of warm water with green coffee charcoal is slowly introduced. This binds toxins, stimulates peristalsis and stimulates the expulsion of bile. Please pay more attention to good daily defecation in the future. Never take it granted if you are prone to constipation and produce stool too little, too firm or too seldom! Daily defecation is a crucial vital process. Any stagnation causes toxicity to rise in the body and an imbalance occurs on another level.

We would be happy to show you how to handle and use our Swiss Mountain Clinic Reprop Clyster or Irrigator. Our enema ABC introduces you to several enema variants, e. g. with Himalayan salt, garlic or coffee. The pharmacy personal will be happy to advise you.

Of light weight, easy to handle, especially when travel- ling and whenever you feel: “Something is wrong here”

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