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Hematogenic Oxidation Therapy

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HOT (Haematogenic oxidation therapy)

In photobiological autohaemotherapy, 50 ml is first of all drawn from your arm vein and made incoagulous. After this, the blood is foamed and enriched with oxygen using special equipment. In this state, the blood is then exposed to an ultraviolet light source with a certain wave spectrum and is then retransfused into the arm vein. The treatment lasts for around 30 minutes. The HOT is the most intensive kind of UV light treatment method for blood. In blood, so called activated oxygen molecules arise which have a very strong biological effect and a number of functions in the body besides influencing the metabolic processes in a positive way. The treatment leads to improvement of oxygen intake in cells as well as the energy balance, blood circulation and metabolic disorders. Due to the positive follow-up effects, HOT remains effective on a long term basis.

Since harmful substances are excreted from the body through HOT, fatigue may be experienced at the early stages of the therapy. Physical exertion should be avoided in course of the treatment.

In case of which complications and diseases does the therapy help?

  • In case of vascular disorders of the leg, blockage of coronary arteries and cerebral circulation disorders caused by it or any other reason, after myocardial infarction and heart attack, in case of open legs, thrombosis and disorders related to blood supply of the retina in the eye.
  • In case of diseases of liver, acute and chronic hepatitis
  • In case of renal diseases, acute and chronic inflammations
  • In case of joint diseases, arthritis and arthrosis
  • In case of skin diseases, psoriasis and neurodermatitis
  • In case of weakness of the immune system, e.g. frequently recurring infections
  • In case of long lasting, massive stress situations with general weakness
  • As a support function after severe infectious diseases, operations and cancer
  • In case of lack of concentration, diminishing memory and forgetfulness
  • In case of fatigue, lack of drive, rapid tiredness, exhaustion and sleep disorders
  • In case of noise in ear, headache, dizziness, weather related complications and premenstrual syndrome
  • In case of diabetes (and the consequential diseases), increased level of blood lipids and gout