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BioPhoton Therapy

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BioPhoton therapy

Energetic support of natural processes

Certain processes taking place in our body cells are influenced by light particles called ''photons''. The aim of BioPhoton therapy is to bring light and hence photons directly into the body cells and provide energy to the cells directly in this way. This method sees certain body regions being treated with biophotons of low energy level depending on the type of disease. In simple words, this light should strengthen the natural energy present in the body's cells through which the body's self-healing ability shall be strengthened and reactivated. Aim is to initiate specific regulative processes in the body that can lead to an improvement in the patient's condition or even to complete recovery from it within a short time.

How is the treatment carried out?

With the BioPhoton therapy, the affected region of the body is directly treated. The treatment only lasts for a few minutes in each therapeutic session and is carried out in a comfortable position either while sitting or lying down. The number of sessions varies depending on the type of disease for which the treatment is being carried out. Normally, the therapy consists of between 6 to 20 sessions. Considering the effect of BioPhoton therapy on cells, it can be used for numerous health disorders and diseases. Besides being used against acute problems like fresh wounds, inflammations and gastrointestinal diseases, chronic skin diseases, rheumatism, migraines, gynaecological problems, varicose veins, hair loss and numerous orthopaedic diseases can only be treated in a targeted manner. The BioPhoton therapy can also be used against sleep disorders, anxiety, fatigue, psychosomatic disorders, depression and eye complications.

The energetic and cybernetic support of natural processes through the BioPhoton therapy is no therapeutic measure against certain diseases actually but shall provide energetic support to natural processes taking place in all cells of the body. Due to the underlying energetic mode of action and the associated support provided to the self-healing ability, the scope of application runs across both normal and veterinary medicine. With regard to universal application possibilities of the BioPhoton therapy, its harmless nature needs to be considered which makes it possible overall without any restrictions. The prescribed energy density of the specialised therapy device is so low that no kind of damage can be caused to the skin or the tissue below it.