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Burnout Intensive Week

Although there is no standard definition, burnout or chronic fatigue syndrome is real and affects the regulatory ability. Using psychological counselling, therapies and treatments, we help burnout patients discover behaviors and find a way out of the cycle.

You will not usually find the term "burnout" (or chronic fatigue syndrome) in medical textbooks. There is still no standard definition. Daily stress, high demands placed on us, little recognition from those around us can all discourage us and rob us of our energy. Since imaging technology or laboratory diagnostics cannot detect it, it has always been assumed that such a disease does not even exist. However, those affected, suffer greatly. Feelings of being burned out are characteristic. Additional physical and psychological symptoms and signs of burnout are fatigue, physical weakness, lack of concentration and sleep disorders as well as listlessness.

Burnout syndrome should be understood as a physical and psychological response to often prolonged and also severe stress, which has exhausted an individual's regulatory ability. Complaints usually develop gradually and over long periods of time. That is why they often go unnoticed for quite some time.

Our treatment for burnout considers the person as a whole and therefore takes place on different levels. These levels also integrate modern knowledge of physiology, biochemistry and physics, all of which are coupled with holistic psychotherapy. Individual psychological counselling helps burnout patients to discover subconscious behaviors they are not even aware of and to find a way out from the cycle.

The burn-out intensive week includes the following medical services:

Preparations and Evaluation



  • 5x BioPhoton Therapy
  • 1x Colon Hydrotherapy
  • 1x Full Body Massage
  • 1x Coffee Enema
  • 2x Ear Acupuncture
  • 2x Infusion
  • 2x Oxyven Therapy
  • 2x Massage of 30 Minutes