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Full-Body Hyperthermia

Whole-body hyperthermia

Whole-body hyperthermia is also termed as "passive fever therapy". It is an intensive treatment method with the aim to increase the body temperature for one to two hours by 38 to 39.8 degrees depending on the kind of disease and decision of the doctors. The treatment usually lasts for about 3-4 hours including the time required for preparation and the rest period afterwards.

People suffering from chronic diseases often report that they haven't experienced any highly feverish diseases for a long time. In course of the disease, fever and other defence mechanisms quite often remain suppressed: Antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and antidotes of all kind are prescribed by the doctors and used when it would rather be better to live out the disease for some days up to a few weeks and get healed naturally. But unhealthy food and a poor lifestyle as well strain caused by disturbance fields of the body and outer toxic substances contribute to suppression of recovery of an organism against a disease. Fever is a condition which stimulates the body's immune system so strongly like no treatment does. The number and activity of white blood cells increase, the metabolism and non-cellular immune substances are again activated and excretory mechanisms of the body are stimulated. The fever leads to ''transposition'' of immune weakness and enhancement of mental-spiritual forces. Fantasising, which often accompanies a high fever, is an expression of the arisal of the things unknown till date: Inner pictures emerge and the intellectual control of the subconscious disappears. Reaction rigidity of the body also disappears which normally underlies various chronic diseases.

This fever therapy will help stir up anything in your body which has never been overcome till date: For example, an insidious infection, intoxication caused by toxic substances, a mental shock etc. Quite often, such strain has to be removed through repeated activation, with the disease being eliminated like a film being rewinded in fast motion. Skin or other detoxification reactions may arise besides any other old symptoms. The body, soul and mind feel free afterwards: fever patients quite often say afterwards: ''I feel purified''. It is often reasonable to carry out a series of fever therapy sessions one after another one to two times a month depending on the disease symptoms, compatibility of the patient and decision of the doctors; normally around 7 to 14 sessions are required.

For the preparation of the therapy and to ensure that everything proceeds optimally, it is important to carry out the following examinations:

  • ECG, if necessary exercise-ECG in the event of a cardiac disease
  • Inspection of the functioning of lung under pulmonary preload
  • Blood screening, laboratory values for liver and renal functioning, as well as values for blood clotting

If these examinations have been carried out at home during the previous 4 weeks (laboratory: 2 weeks), we do not need to carry them out once again.

In order to be able to assess your responsiveness and anticipated compatibility in a better way, we carry out more specific tests here as well:

  • VNS (Test of the vegetative nervous system)

For every treatment, you should plan around 4 hours. Please note the following points:

  • We have shirts designed specifically for hyperthermia which you can use.
  • On the same day, no other treatments are to be planned. You should be able to use all your energy for the treatment and the resulting transposition reaction. Therefore, you should not receive any visitors on this day by anyone.
  • If your hyperthermia therapy is carried out in the morning, you can have your evening meal in a normal way. It would however be better if you only have soup and something small to eat. Also have a light breakfast in the morning.
  • If your hyperthermia therapy is carried out in the afternoon, we request you to have a light breakfast and a cup of soup in the lunch at the most.
  • During the treatment, you will receive teas from the assortment of Paracelsus Clinica al Ronc or be offered our very own prepared spring water. After the therapy, you will be brought into your room where you are requested to relax first of all!
  • After 2-3 further hours, you should have a lukewarm or warm bath but in no case a cold one.
  • Sleep well during the next few days and do not undertake any excursion/hikes in the following 2 days.

Come in a completely calm state for the treatment and believe in our ability, knowledge and experience. The required tests for preparation will be carried out before the treatment and you will be monitored by medical professionals and doctors around the clock besides being provided with competent medical care. We will be very grateful to you if you could write some notes with regard to your experience with the treatment on the day after the fever therapy.

Instructions for outpatients

  • Since the whole-body hyperthermia (as described above) involves a deep-rooted measure that concerns the whole organism, we request and advise you to spend the remaining day and the night after GHT (whole body hyperthermia) at our clinic. We want to be able to help you rapidly and reliably in case of any blood circulation problems; please understand that we do not want to be made responsible for any accidents which may result if you leave our clinic early despite not being in a fully recovered psychophysical balanced condition!
  • If you want to go back to your house in any case, please ensure that someone picks you up. Do not drive your car yourself since your reactions might not be normal yet (even if your main fever phase has eased down).
  • During such a drive with the car, you should keep a blanket with you since sudden cooling may not be suitable for you after GHT (whole-body hyperthermia) and could lead to a viral infection.
  • During such a drive with the car, sit back relaxed and bend back your seat. After reaching your house, please get to your bed as soon as possible.

Some additional information for pre-informed and professionally interested patients:

We work according to the method of the systemic cancer multistep therapy (according to v. Ardenne) which includes the following components:

  • whole-body heating
  • oxygen supply (using a nose bracket)
  • increase of the blood sugar level (in order to improve body's metabolism and to target the blockage of the metabolism of cancer cells.)

We carry out the so called ''Moderate whole-body hyperthermia'' (38,5 to 40 degrees depending on the individual) because this strongly stimulates the immune system. In contrast, an extreme whole-body hyperthermia (up to 43 degrees) is also a possibility which we do not consider however due to some fundamental considerations.

During the fever phase, we set infusions as well with vitamins and minerals in a high dose depending on the individual situation and decision of the doctors. Each of the measures will be also be discussed with you during the therapy.

In some cases, restlessness can result when the temperature is increased above 38.5 degrees, especially when the organism has problems with regulation and hasn't experienced this condition for a long time. We will try to help in such a situation using various techniques which may, however, settle back itself. In some cases, sedating medication may be prescribed in order to make this condition more tolerable for you.