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Dr. med. Petra Wiechel

Dr. med. Petra Wiechel

Chief Physician

Dr. med. Petra Wiechel (FMH) is the Chief Physician, Specialist in General Medicine (Germany) and Expert in Biological Medicine (University of Milan) of the clinic in Southern Switzerland since August 2008.

From 1991 to 2008 she was established in her own practice in Germany as a Physician for naturopathic treatment and biological medicine and as a Specialist for general medicine / naturopathic treatment. Her entire medical spectrum is always focused on identifying the causes of diseases. An important guiding principle of Dr. med Petra Wiechel is: "I do not treat symptoms, I treat the patient. After all, I treat you!”.

Her treatment languages are German and English.

Dr. med. Johannes Naumann

Dr. med. Johannes Naumann

Head Doctor

Dr. med. Johannes Naumann Specialist in Internal Medicine (FMH) and Specialist in Hygiene and Environmental Medicine (D) has been working as a senior doctor in the clinic since 01.03.2020. Since the beginning of his medical career in July 1990, Dr. Naumann continuously trained in integrative medicine, on the school medical side with two specialist titles and holistically through various complementary medical terms.

Through his publications, seminars and lectures at international congresses, he earned a high, internationally recognized reputation.

Stations of his work in responsible positions included from 2002 to 2007 at the University Hospital Freiburg as senior physician and head of the ...

Dr. med. Friderike Wiechel

Dr. med. Friderike Wiechel


After completing her studies in human medicine at the University of Hamburg in 2013, Dr. Friderike Wiechel began her training as an Assistant Physician specializing in general internal medicine in Zurich. At the Hirslanden Clinic, Zurich, she worked in the departments of oncology, internal medicine and emergency medicine. Subsequently, she was able to combine her knowledge of conventional medicine and complementary medicine at the Center for Integrative Medicine under Dr. Philipp Katumba and worked as a family Doctor.

Since 2018, Dr. Friderike Wiechel has been a doctor at the Swiss Mountain Clinic and is grateful to be able to continue her professional life alongside her mother and teacher...

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