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Laboratory Diagnostics

Our unique patient-oriented laboratory diagnostics include numerous analyses of nutrients, blood, serum, saliva, urine, among others, which all aim to help understand what is going on in the body and adjust our therapy plan according to the needs of the patient.

As part of our extensive preventive medical program, our diagnostic tests include all relevant hormones, micronutrients, vitamins and trace elements as well as heavy metal analysis of whole blood, serum, saliva and urine.

We also examine the risk factors for arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and cardiovascular disease as well as the metabolic parameters for the analysis of insulin resistance, a completely undervalued risk.

The oxidative stress and microstress are also analyzed as these are important to assess the marker of osteoporosis disorders. Included in the advanced diagnostics are the extensive parameters for primary tumor prevention as well as the clarification of specific genetic risks for cardiovascular diseases, thrombosis and osteoporosis. We also look at the increased risk of illnesses due to toxic exposure and tobacco consumption.

Our immunomonitoring involves clinical diagnostics that determine the number, frequency, and phenotype of different populations of immune cells and their functionality. To remedy dysfunctions of the immune system, which are detected with the help of the immune monitoring, suitable therapies can be used to treat a condition such as an immune deficiency. We also collaborate with external laboratories to get more information through specific and customized laboratory tests for patients with complex clinical pictures.

With our holistic laboratory diagnostics, blood test results and other lab results, we see a clearer picture of each patient and how we can help them get back to health!

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