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Active Air Therapy

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Active Air

Diseases develop when the regularisation ability of your vegetative nervous system is impaired.

Your vegetative nervous system regulates all vital functions of the body such as the heart beat, respiration, blood pressure, digestion, blood circulation and metabolism. It cannot be influenced at will.

Active Air has been proven to improve this regularisation ability and is hence of great therapeutic value.

Self-healing mechanism of the body:

"Despite all the things that we do to our body in course of our life, it tries its best to ensure that we remain healthy through its natural regularisation ability and self-control. We do not notice that when the first emergency reserve supplies of our body are used, the second one later also comes into play and with time, all reserves are consumed. When the last reserves are used, a disease arises ''suddenly'' at night. Many people do not know yet that this disease had already been initiated several years back due to regularisation disorders of the vegetative nervous system. In order to develop new emergency reserves in the body, we have to do something to keep the regularisation ability of our vegetative nervous system intact''.

Three essential things are influenced positively through Active Air:

  • The processes involved in respiration in the mini power stations of cells (the mitochondria) function better which then leads to an increase in the energy production (ATP-energy storage molecules).
  • The immune system is strengthened as all the cells start to produce a greater amount of protective enzymes that neutralise the aggressive free radicals. Oxidative stress is largely responsible for a weakened immune system since the enormous oxygen consumption automatically and physiologically results in large scale production of free radicals.
  • The vegetative nervous system has been proven to function better as the central control and switching centre for all processes taking place in the body after use of Active Air for 20 minutes. This means that internal and external stimuli are processed more rapidly, effectively and flawlessly by the vegetative nervous system.

Active Air colour therapy

For many years, colours have been used in medicine. Current knowledge about the effects of colours on the body and the psyche can mostly be traced back to the discoveries of Isaac Newton and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Blue is considered as a cold colour, and is relaxing and comforting. It effects the glandular and hormonal systems and counteracts any heating processes; ulcerations, pains and hyperaemia are regulated by blue colour and so are haemorrhoids, warts, certain heart ailments and sleeplessness. Using the glandular and hormonal systems, it has an effect on the testicles and ovaries, impotence and frigidity. Blue is also the colour of menopause, and regulates muscles, ligaments and tissues. The blue colour brings calm, silence and restraint.

Yellow has links to the lymphatic area, the intellect and the left side of the brain. It is important for the immune system, strengthens nervous and, glandular systems, stimulates the liver and the digestive system. It has an exhilarating effect, promotes comprehension and an eagerness to learn and is therefore particularly good for children. Unhappy people are often positively affected by yellow rays.

Red is linked to specific degenerative processes and stasis. It has the greatest penetration ability of all colours. It is the colour of life and the sun. Physically, the heart, lungs and muscles are allocated to it. Red stands for strong feelings like love, anger, joy and rage, stirs up the blood and is thus used for blood circulation disorders. Red agitates us, makes us talkative and cheerful, fast and eager.

Green represents balance, contentment and peace. Green is restful and relaxing, frees tissue of toxins and promotes excretion. It is indicated for tumours, ulcers, cysts, diabetes, eye complaints, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, whooping cough and arthritis.

Orange is the colour of joviality and cheerfulness. It has an effect on vascular calcification, anaemia, and cardiac insufficiency, stimulates the appetite, has a favourable influence on discontent, pessimism, melancholy and fear. Orange increases ambition, brings affection and has a cheering effect on. Some people do not enjoy their work and this colour should give strength and joy to these people in their work.

Violet is the colour of the spirit and of inspiration. It has a strong effect on the subconscious, inspires insight and perception, and strengthens any effect of meditation. Organically, violet is connected to the spleen and the lymph system.

Cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, tinnitus, blood circulation disorders, asthma, COPD, sleep disorders, Parkinson's disease, fibromyalgia, concentration difficulties, burnout syndrome, dementia/Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, macular degeneration, stress, metabolic diseases and also as a preventive measure.