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Oxyven Therapy (Infusion)

Oxyven Therapy

The Oxyven Therapy increases the supply of physically dissolved oxygen in the blood. Oxygen is directly introduced into the bloodstream, bypassing the lungs and alveoli. Dr. Regelsberger's therapy's effectiveness lies in the complex bio-chemical processes it triggers, deeply impacting enzymatic functions within the organism.

Enhanced Oxygen Saturation through Oxyven Therapy

As a result, blood oxygen saturation is increased. Oxygen saturation (sO2) indicates the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood that is loaded with oxygen. The significant results cannot be solely attributed to the amount of oxygen supplied or improved oxygenation, as only slightly more than the amount obtained through respiration is introduced. Dr. Regelsberger's explanation came from discovering that a slight shift in the oxygen-binding curve allows for restoring normal states in functional imbalances, achieving rejuvenation in aging, and facilitating oxygen transport to affected areas.

Accelerated Healing Processes through Optimized Oxygen Supply

Considering the heightened oxygen consumption, particularly in inflamed and regenerating tissues, the improved oxygen supply from Oxyven Therapy not only accounts for faster wound and bone fracture healing but also numerous other healing processes in immune system and internal organ diseases.

Oxyven Therapy is a highly effective and low-risk treatment method, performed by experienced therapists at the Swiss Mountain Clinic.

Unlock a Healthier You with Oxyven Therapy!

Experience the power of Oxyven Therapy—enhanced oxygen levels, accelerated healing, and rejuvenation. Contact us now to explore the transformative benefits of this cutting-edge treatment. Your well-being awaits!