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Since every illness has a psychosomatic character, we use the Lüscher-Color-Test to understand the psychological and emotional states of patients. This color preference test gives us great insights and information to develop and adapt the therapy plan.

The Lüscher-Color-Diagnostic® is a color preference test for the precise analysis of the basic psychological and emotional states.

Since every illness has a psychosomatic character, a causal treatment always requires the inclusion of mental and emotional conditions. While the physical (somatic) aspects of an illness are usually easy to diagnose using the methods of medicine available today, the objective measurement of the psychological conditions and interrelationships is a great challenge.

This color test is very reliable and therefore fulfills its task without the use of words, i.e. it works non-verbally. By logically assigning the test colors to the basic psychological categories, we gain a clear picture of a patient’s unconscious psycho-vegetative structures. This image serves as the basis for a problem-centered discussion, holistic therapy planning and solution-oriented consulting.

As a well-founded personality diagnostic, it forms a mandatory pillar of the holistic therapy planning.

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