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Winter is approaching, what do we need?

Last updated: 10/14/2023, 02:53 PM

9 Health Tips from Dr. Wiechel


What Do We Really Need for the Winter Season? Dr. Petra Wiechel Provides Valuable Advice to Strengthen Your Immune System and Health.

Let's start with what we don't need:

1. Influenza Vaccination

Here, approximately 1-4 virus strains from the previous year's wild viruses (now laboratory viruses) come together. Regardless of what is currently relevant. The vaccine is loaded with, among other things, aluminum (an enhancer) – currently the number 1 environmental toxin – and, remarkably, it reaches the brain! All in the hope of giving the body a chance to build antibodies. So far, so good. But the cocktail doesn't promise it! Risk and benefit need to be considered. Always with every vaccination! Detectable antibodies always indicate only the body's contact with viruses. They are no guarantee of immunity!

2. Vitamin D

Do you know your current level of "vitamin" D? If not, please have it measured now: vitamin D 25 OH (inactive) and vitamin D 1.25 (active). With sufficient intake, your body remains highly prepared for defense. From a medical perspective, the intake of at least 5000 IU of vitamin D plus 100 mcg of vitamin K2 daily is necessary.

3. Nutrition

Even in winter, pay attention to a sufficient amount of organic fruits and vegetables. How about a lemon smoothie? Homemade: wash 5 organic lemons thoroughly with a vegetable brush, then blend everything, possibly with an apple or banana. Then dilute with water to make a nice drink. If it's too acidic, you can sweeten it with some galactose. It can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Drink 1-2 times daily, 1/8 of the smoothie.

Don't forget the good organic apples! "An apple a day, and no disease will torment you." - Seneca the Elder

4. Dress Warm

Wear a hat and scarf - 70% of body heat is lost through your head. Energy that you have to draw from elsewhere internally to maintain the operating temperature of about 36.8°C, and your defense works magnificently below this temperature.

5. Sauna

The increased ambient temperature enhances immune activity and is also relaxing, promotes circulation, and has a strong detoxifying effect. Heat and cold are stimuli that challenge and strengthen the body.

6. Whole-Body Hyperthermia

We swear by it. 1-2 times during the winter season, and, of course, as a preventive measure 1-2 times a year. This can intensively activate long-lost fever and immune readiness.

7. Exercise

Get out in the winter too! Well-wrapped, take a daily walk for 30-40 minutes. Continue with yoga and everything you love.

8. The Winter Time is Rest Time

Enjoy the long evenings by the fireplace by candlelight. Write, read, listen, and relax.

9. From the Pharmacy

  • Maricell: The Queen's Elixir (royal jelly, propolis, pollen). Take 1 ampoule slowly dissolved in your mouth once a day.
  • Labolife 2L EID: Sprinkle the contents of 1 capsule into your mouth once a day. For immune modulation, i.e., daily training for your immune system.
  • SMP Viro Leave Capsules: 3 times a day, take 1 small magic formula - supports intracellular immunity (containing vitamin C, zinc, and L-lysine).

Our homeopathic flu shot is given 3 times every 4 weeks by intramuscular injection (e.g., October/November/November). It contains, among other things, vitamin B12 and homeopathic complex remedies to improve immune performance and cellular metabolism. We would be happy to prepare the ampoules for your family doctor.

"The sky needs the patience of winter" - Jo M. Wysser

Dr. Petra Wiechel