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Last updated: 5/16/2023, 07:00 AM

As a result of a comprehensive data evaluation, the connection between long-post-covid and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) with an autoantibody and a conspicuously chronic inflammation could be shown. (Published: Dr. med. Richard Straube, Nature Group, Molecular Psychiatry, “Chronic post-Covid-19 syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome: Is there a role for extracorporeal apheresis?” 22 April 2021)

In the past few years, in over 471 patients with CFS, the building of autoantibodies against neurotransmitter receptors was documented, which were often in combination with a conspicuously chronic inflammation and certain, toxic substances. The same anomalies were seen during the treatment of post- and long-Covid patients who had similar symptoms. Dr. med. Richard Straube from Cham could prove that INUSpherese® not only lowered these antibodies lastingly but also the levels of inflammation and the toxic loads. In over 70% of all documented cases, a definite improvement could be reached. A combined therapy is recommended and is being used for post- and long-Covid patients:

For this purpose, a two-phase therapy with two different filters and a special membrane (TKM 58) is used: A: INUSpherese® for micro thromboses and as an anti-inflammatory measure. B. INUSpherese® Filtering removes problematic immunological factors, pro-inflammatory cytokines, toxic loads, and autoantibodies by using a special membrane.

Due to the incredible improvement of the micro-circulation while significantly alleviating all other factors, the therapy results are optimized. The lasting effects of the treatment are prolonged with subsequent medication. On average, it is greatly beneficial when these two therapies are used first. A second therapy may be necessary in 3-6 months which, depending on the findings, either with a filter or the combination therapy.

In more than 14 years, 528,000 different pieces of data from a total of 1780 patients have been anonymously recorded and evaluated in connection with INUSpherese®, when it was used to treat modern chronic illnesses. Thus, as a competence center, the INUS Medical Center AG as a has the largest data collection in existence in connection with using Apherese to treat modern chronic diseases.