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Autoimmune Special Week

At the Swiss Mountain Clinic, there is an Autoimmune Week with a focus on the Coimbra Protocol. Participants receive comprehensive medical care, including individual treatment plans, infusions, and training on topics such as nutrition and stress prevention. The program lasts for 7 days and enables participants to take a holistic approach to managing autoimmune diseases.

Dr. Petra Wiechel has been a certified Coimbra Protocol physician since 2018 and integrates the therapy with ultrahigh-dose vitamin D treatment, following the methods of Prof. Dr. C. G. Coimbra, into her comprehensive holistic treatment approach for autoimmune processes. She is supported by Christina Kiening, a psychotherapy alternative practitioner, a multiple sclerosis patient herself, and a Coimbra Protocol patient since 2016. Ms. Kiening discovered the Coimbra Protocol therapy in 2015 and has been actively involved in promoting its use in Europe since 2016. She received training and certification as a "Patient Coach" from Prof. Dr. Coimbra in 2017 and has guided over 1000 patients in starting the Coimbra Protocol therapy until 2023.

During your seven-day stay at the Swiss Mountain Clinic, Ms. Kiening will introduce you to the Coimbra Protocol treatment and provide guidance on essential lifestyle measures, including nutrition, exercise, and stress prevention.

Dr. Wiechel and her medical team will analyze your current health status and design an individual plan to successfully commence the Coimbra Protocol treatment. In addition, you will receive infusions and other therapies to expedite the regulation of your immune system and inflammation processes.

Furthermore, our kitchen team will show you how to enjoy a healthy, calcium-reduced diet.


  • 2 x doctor consultations
  • Daily group discussions, moderated by Christina Kiening


  • 1x heavy metal and mineral analysis
  • 1x analysis of the autonomic nervous system (ANS)
  • 1x renal ultrasound
  • 1x darkfield microscopy
  • 1x VitaScan


  • 1x vital field therapy
  • 2x infusions
  • 2 x biophoton treatments
  • 1x massage
  • Daily yoga & meditation in the group


  • Introduction to the fundamentals of the Coimbra Protocol
  • Exercise for osteoporosis prevention & inflammation regulation
  • Stress prevention through awareness & letting go
  • Healthy, calcium-reduced nutrition: Why and how?