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Therapeutic Fasting Intensive Week

Fasting gives the body rest, provides relief to the metabolism and time to regenerate. Our intensive therapeutic fasting week is medically assisted and helps to detoxify and cleanse the tissues through freshly prepared juices and soups as well as a few therapies.

Allow yourself to experience, or to re-experience, something, which on its own, can give you a completely new body awareness. Many people in other cultures fast regularly to give the body a period of rest, reduce stress and to regenerate. In our often hectic, civilized world today, we, too, need relief.

Fasting is a relief for metabolism and soul - a deep journey into oneself. During fasting the body will try its best to save on energy. Therefore, metabolic activity is greatly reduced. Body temperature drops. Thyroid and pancreatic activity levels slow down. The protein and fat consumption are minimized so that elimination is reduced. However, that is the very opposite of what the patient is hoping for, namely an increase of basal metabolic rate, a detoxification and tissue cleanse. This principle is central to the medical assistance during the intensive therapeutic fasting week according to Dr. Petra Wiechel.

The nutritional concept of the intensive therapeutic fasting week is based on high-quality, freshly prepared, fruit and vegetable juices and soups, complemented by sufficient amounts of spring water and herbal teas. The therapeutic fasting program can be added to and customized, according to the patient's test results following the initial examination.

The treatments included in the intensive fasting week include:

Preparations & Evaluation


  • 1 x Colon Hydrotherapy
  • 2 x Continuous shower Therapy
  • 1 x Coffee Enema