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Immune Power Week

Our immune system wants and needs to be challenged every day, only the daily handling of the microorganisms and the stimulus they trigger makes it strong and increases its immune competence. Provided that its internal microorganism can stay in balance! This is the only way it can curb any enemy attack immediately, and with every confrontation he has won, the following is a piece of cake.

Our immune system focuses on one task every day: to protect us. We humans are a reservoir of germs and microorganisms. Microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, nematodes or helminths (worms) have made a decisive contribution to human development and made us strong. Humans themselves consist of microorganisms many times more than body cells. We have over 600 trillion of the latter. This vitality is unimaginable. Incredibly our coordinated, highly organized, cooperating interior of the body.

Therefore, we have to understand that the course of all our immune processes needs important basic requirements in our body. And this means that there has to be a physical balance in which we live in symbiosis with our microorganisms and our immune-competent immune cells do not give intruders a chance.

We have launched the Immun Power Week to support you in filling up your immunological batteries and to bring your body back into this necessary balance.

Immune Power Week

CHF 4'945.-

  • incl. 7 nights in a double room, price per person with full board
  • incl. 6 days diagnosis and therapy program
  • incl. infrared sauna, fitness room, swinging field cabin, training equipment, billiard room
  • Free transfer from / to Bellinzona *

Single Room Surcharge CHF 525.-

* Arrival / departure every Sunday

Clinic Transfer Bus Departure Times

  • 11:15 Departure Castaneda, Swiss Mountain Clinic
  • 12:15 Departure Bellinzona, Train Station
  • 15:15 Departure Castaneda, Swiss Mountain Clinic
  • 16:15 Departure Bellinzona, Train Station


  • 2x Doctor’s Conversation


  • 1x Analysis of Heavy Metals
  • 1x Analysis of the Vegetative Nervous System
  • 1x Dark Field Microscopy
  • 1x Parasite Check
  • 1x VitaScan


  • 2x BioPhoton 60’
  • 1x Colon Hydrotherapy
  • 3x Infusion
  • 3x Ozone Therapy