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Pain Therapy Intensive Week

In pain therapy, the causes of pain are determined and treated in an individually adapted therapy.

Chronic pain in particular is not easy to control. Anyone who has to take an enormous amount of tablets in order to become a little "master" of his or her situation often doesn't know what to do.

An operation is usually thought of, however, this can be prevented. Pain therapy alone can make everything go better and even painless.

In order for the therapy to be successful, the real cause of the pain must be determined. Again and again it turns out that something different emerges from the cause research than previously assumed. Then the therapy is specifically adapted to each individual. This not only promotes mobility and endurance, but the pain is also treated precisely.

The Pain Therapy intensive week includes the following medical services:


  • 1x Doctor's Conversation



  • 1x Colon Hydrotherapy
  • 1x Continuous shower Therapy
  • 1x Coffee Enema
  • 3x Neural Therapy
  • 2x Infusion
  • 2x Massage of 30 Minutes
  • 2x Vital Wave Therapy