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Cupping Massage


Cupping is a therapeutic method which is known since thousands of years, is carried out in various cultures and has already proven its effect.

By laying down cupping glasses on the skin and carrying out massage with them, we can lead to an increased blood supply in a certain region (local blood circulation) and as a result, old stagnating blood is made to circulate. In this way, waste substances and toxic substances are dissolved, brought into blood circulation and can hence be easily excreted from the body (detoxification). Considering this, it is important to drink adequate fluids (water or tea) after the cupping therapy.

In turn, the increase in blood circulation makes the strained muscles more supple, i.e. muscle tension and pain is reduced. Just as diseases related to inner organs show signs on the surface of the skin, certain skin stimuli can also be transferred onto internal organs (cuti visceral reflex). In this way, a positive impact on the internal organs can be achieved through cupping. After the reaction, some ''blue flecks'' might appear on the skin as a reaction and urine may be more dark in colour. These are however considered as positive signs of healing and detoxification reactions.

Without any doubt, cupping serves to realise the natural endeavour of the body to maintain itself or restore normal health. Due to its reliable and rapid effect, it is also an asset and supplement for other healing methods.

The effect of this therapy can divided into two categories:

  • General reaction
  • Stimulation of blood circulation, metabolism, lymph flow
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Regulation of energy pathways
  • Local reaction
  • Stimulation of organ reflex zones on the skin
  • Strengthening and detoxification of the connective tissue
  • Loosening up of strained and painful muscles