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Foot reflexology massage

Foot reflexology massage


In the foot, all areas of the human body have their assigned areas. We as therapists work with aim oriented steps in the real sense of a treatment in order to organise and harmonise the irritated energy processes in the body and to stimulate or soothe the organ systems. If pain is felt in a reflex zone, it does not immediately point towards any disease but rather it can also be a hint of scar disturbance, a blockage or weakness of an organ system. Our aim is to harmonize a person with himself.

Over decades, we managed to find out through our experience that recovery of complications that arise in the weakened or diseased organs depends on how the hypersensitive reflex zones normalise. These observations and their conclusions open all possibilities of a thorough transposition using the reflexology therapy in the foot at the initial stage of a disease and can hence be of great value as a preventive measure. Apart from the spontaneously sensed pain in the region under strain during treatment, the patient may respond with the following typical indications during the time between each of the treatments:

  • sweat secretion at certain areas of the skin or from around the whole body
  • increased urination with cloudy urine
  • increased or ill-smelling stool
  • recurrence of diseases which couldn't be completely healed sometime in the past.

It is certainly recommendable to drink a lot of water and tea in order to promote cleansing of the body!

Ideally, one works:

  • 1-3 times weekly
  • 6-12 treatments


Patients with acute, highly feverish or infectious diseases or with diseases for which they may need a surgical intervention, with inflammations in the venous and lymphatic system or with specific psychic diseases etc need to refer to a specialised doctor who decides whether additional treatment over the reflex zones would be reasonable to carry out or not. Otherwise, there is hardly any disease that stays away from the regulatory influence of this therapy since the disease itself is not tackled but rather the vitality and regenerative strength of a human body are activated.