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Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymph drainage (MLD)

Manual lymph drainage

Lymph drainage facilitates the flow of lymph which consists of proteins, dead tissue cells and lymphocytes. These substances are carried over from the connective tissues. Metabolic disorders and chronic congestions are eliminated in this way. Manual lymph drainage is a delicate massage technique which aims to achieve a pumping effect in tissues without causing any pain.

Which functions does the lymphatic system fulfil?

The lymphatic system fulfils several important functions for an organism. The lymph vessels transport up to two litres of intercellular fluid on daily basis. Wastes, dead cells and large protein molecules are drained with lymph. The proteins are supplied back to the blood through the venous system while the wastes, bacteria and cell remnants are destroyed at lymph nodes by lymphocytes. Additionally, nutritional fats and vitamins are also transported.


  • Vegetative effect, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Alleviates pains
  • Immunological effect, increases resistive ability of the body's defence mechanisms
  • Tonic effect on smooth muscles of blood vessels
  • Drainage effect – anti-endemic
  • Detoxification and cleansing

Ideally, the first series of therapy including 9-12 rounds of treatment is carried out 3 - 4 x weekly in case of lymph oedemas.

One can stimulate regulatory lymph flow in an aim-oriented way through lymphdiaral ointment. The ointment is applied over the lymphatic glands.

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Lymph oedemas

We can differentiate between primary and secondary lymph oedemas (collection of lymph fluid) considering their origin. A primary lymph oedema arises through malformations in the lymphatic system. There are various causes for secondary lymph oedemas, e.g. injuries, malignant diseases, skin inflammations (erysipelas), insect bites, fungal diseases and surgical interventions (scars), as well as chronic diseases related to veins. The lymph oedema is promoted through lack of physical movement and overweight.