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Matrix Regeneration Therapy

Matrix regeneration therapy (MRT)

The increasing environment pollution and destruction has also led to complete transformation of clinical symptoms for certain diseases. New symptoms emerge every now and then and older symptoms are getting disappeared. The time of textbook disease progression has gone by. With the matrix regeneration therapy, a completely new concept of treatment is made use of, which facilitates far reaching treatment success in the event of environmental diseases and several indications. With this form of treatment, new impulses can be given even in case of chronic disorders. Besides this, MRT can also help one prepare for other forms of treatment such as acupuncture and neural therapy with success.

Through MRT, immune system reactions can be stimulated again which are necessary for transposition of the basic system. Our matrix is actually the basic system. Without properly functioning matrix, an organ cell is helpless. The basic system reaches out to unite cells of all organs. A successful therapy approach is hence primarily based on restoring the normal functioning of the basic system. The matrix must be freed of any inflammation sites, accumulated wastes and toxic substances.

The Matrix regeneration therapy (MRT) consists of three synergistically working components which are applied simultaneously for a certain work step:

  • the bio-resonance therapy
  • direct current treatment of a tissue (pole reversal)
  • petechial suction massage

The bio-resonance therapy

The neutralisation of pathological energy fields is the domain of bio-resonance therapy. The special procedure involved in the ''subtraction-delete therapy'' according to Dr. Köhler is realised in the MRT device. Through suction electrodes, information about released toxic substances is received and sent to the control device for further processing. These pathological frequency patterns are converted into therapeutic interference field signals there and transferred ahead to the patient.

Direct current (DC) treatment of a tissue

The charge and hormonal situation of the basic substance are both important with regard to affectivity of the therapy. Through a roller electrode, a weak dc voltage is applied onto the tissue with which excess charges are removed from the diseased tissue. The tissue (with reversed polarity) becomes alkaline again. This is a basic requirement for normal metabolic functioning.

The petechial suction massage

With this method, negative pressure is created within the tissue using a suction rod. As in the case of cupping, blood which has been used and contains toxic substances is drawn to the surface. Thus, the suction electrode is an ideal input electrode for testing the pathological frequency pattern for bio-resonance therapy.

The matrix is the basic system of the organism and contains around 80% of the total cell mass. It is the energy supply and waste disposal system of organ cells and at the same time home to the body's immune system. Due to its fundamental importance with regard to health, it is the primary target point of every effective therapy in case of any disease.

The matrix regeneration therapy has several effects at the same time:

  • Erasure of the pathological frequency pattern
  • Elimination of wastes and toxins
  • Pole reversal of a tissue = basic milieu
  • Stimulation of metabolism

Please drink a lot of fluids after it in order to facilitate excretion of the dissolved waste substances!


  • all forms of allergies
  • all chronic diseases
  • tumours
  • chronic intoxication, heavy metals
  • viral contamination
  • immune deficiency
  • chronic skin problems
  • depressions