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Neural Therapy

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Neural therapy according to Huneke

In the twenties, the Huneke brothers (physicians) discovered the possibility of using local anaesthetics for therapeutic purposes as well besides being used to cause local loss of sensation (anaesthesia) normally. They then came up with the ''neural therapy according to Huneke'' which is considered largely suitable for eliminating any energy blockages in tissues since health is actually the defence against harmful stimulants and requires unhindered exchange of information to remain in a good state. The neural therapy is a regulatory therapy such as acupuncture or manual medicine and has been scientifically proven. A procain injection in the area of disturbance can heal the disease within a few seconds if possible from the anatomical point of view (immediate healing after the injection). For neural therapy, Dr. Wiechel uses certain homeopathic complex medicines besides the common local anaesthetics procain or lidocain, depending on the indications and therapeutic necessity.

Carrying out the neural therapy:

  • Produce an intradermal wheal of local anaesthetic, on which a pale papule is formed.
  • Intravenous injection using therapeutic agents in case of cardiac infarct and stroke
  • Injection at ligament attachment sites and joint capsules in the event of joint pains
  • Treatment of joints takes place through injection at ligament attachment sites and joint capsules
  • Injection on the nerve with fine needle at nerve exit points
  • Injection at the so called ganglions (important nerve ''node points'' with an important control function)

Range of use of the neural therapy:

  • Almost all conditions that involve pains and inflammations
  • Scars (even very old ones)
  • Impaired balance, dizziness and epilepsy
  • Blood circulation problems, stroke
  • Sleeplessness
  • Trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica
  • Sensitivity to weather changes, fluctuation in feelings
  • Chronic diseases especially those involving suspicion of an interference field
  • Hormonal disorders e.g. thyroid gland complications
  • Rehabilitation in case of general weakness and residual symptoms after infusions, traumas or operations
  • Testing of interference fields in teeth and jaw region